Exam day was Saturday, 8/27/2022 at 10am – in Broken Arrow OK.

Good thing I left a bit early – Google & Apple maps both misled me on the address. Fortunately, it wasn’t far off – but it was guiding me to the back gate of the facility – where the gate was securely locked. Drove around and found the other side of the building – public entrance.

The VEC panel was a bunch of nice gents – who guided me to sign up for my FRN number, now required to take the exam instead of SSN. Got through that and took my test. 35/35. Yay, I’m a ham!!!! VECs asked me if I wanted to try the general exam – I tried and did not quite pass that one (19/35) not bad for pure guessing on most of the questions that I had not prepared for. Oh well, that exam coming soon.

As of 8/30/2022 – I’m a licensed Technician class HAM. I showed up in the FCC database around 1:15am IIRC.

By David

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